How do I get to textbook content on the HE website if my library says I have access?

If your institution has provided you with access to our digital textbooks via your library, you can access them according to the access methods set up by your institution. Once you are recognized as part of your institutions; You may decide to read books online using our read-only eReader. This will allow you to read the book, but not access features such as annotations, bookmarking or offline reading via a mobile or desktop computer.

If you wish to use the advanced eReader which includes additional functionality such as annotations, bookmarking and offline reading you will need to login in two stages:    

  • Stage 1: Via your institution. You will need to login to your institutional/library access in the normal way. This enables access to the website. This is most handled via IP range (when on-campus) or via remote access (including Athens, Shibboleth, and EZProxy).
  • Stage 2: Via your individual user account, using email and password. This enables access to all the subscribed content of the books and all the personalised features of the site, such as offline reading, highlighting, note-making, bookmarks, etc. These are remembered within the individual account so that they can be accessed in future. An account can be created here if you do not already have one. The account is shared with Cambridge Core, so bookmarks and other features on both sites can be accessed from one account.

Your institution will still need access to our textbook content for you to read them. You should contact your library or library services for more information.

If you cannot access specific content, ensure your institution is subscribed to the title and then contact our technical support team via our Technical Support Diagnostic Form.

You can learn all about the two different versions of the eReader by viewing our Cambridge Spiral experience comparison.

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