How do I access usage data for my organisation on Higher Education from Cambridge University Press?

To retrieve usage statistics (Counter5) for the Higher Education from Cambridge University Press platform you must be an Administrator for the organisation/institution in question.

  • Log into Cambridge Core
  • Click on My Account in the top right-hand corner  
    Screenshot showing My account button
  • On the left-hand side, under Organisation Home click on Usage Statistics  
    Screenshot showing Usage Statistics button
  • Enter your start and end date in the Download COUNTER reports area for the data you wish to retrieve. 
    Screenshot showing where to select time period
  • Select the type of report you wish to run and the format (CSV or TXT) you want in the Select a report type and format box. 
    Screenshot showing option to select file format
  • Click Request file, the report will generate and the progress will be displayed on the page.  
    Screenshot showing Request file button
  • When finished a download button will be displayed  
    Screenshot showing Download button
  • You can have 3 reports running simultaneously.  
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