What do I do if I see a page of dense text when I click on the RSS icon?

The page you are seeing is the raw metadata for the RSS feed (in XML format), it means that your web browser does not support RSS feeds and you will need to add a feed reader to the browser or sign up to a separate feed reader like Feedly. 

There are variations in the way RSS feeds are rendered in different browsers. 

For example: 

Google Chrome doesn't support RSS feeds, but extensions can be added. Please see:  https://www.ricksdailytips.com/cant-read-rss-feeds-with-chrome/

Microsoft Edge does not support RSS. There is more information here: 

If you have issues viewing RSS feeds, we recommend the following: 

There may be a '+' symbol in your RSS feed reader which you can use to add a new feed. Then you can add the URL from the page you see when you click the RSS icon in Higher Education from Cambridge University Press. 

Check which feed reader you use. For example, with Feedly, you can simply paste the feed URL in Feedly search and subscribe to the feed. 

If you want to view an RSS feed in your browser, search for browser add-ons for 'RSS Feeds' in the help section. 

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